About Taiwo Oladoye

TAIWO-102Taiwo, a gifted, soulful songwriter, worship leader and awards winning recording artist’s love for music started at a very young age. She recalls that her best moments growing up were her singing moments. This led to her becoming a member of various choirs all through her schooling years till date.

As a song writer, Taiwo believes in writing from her heart and by divine inspiration. This perspective has helped in writing her award winning songs No Be Me Na God, My Mother, Mukulumuke amongst others.

In the 3 years of her official recording career, she has been a recipient of various awards such as:

Best Female Vocalist @ the NGMA 2014

20131201_205417(1)Best Afro Pop Single MEGA 2014

MEGA Awards New artist of the year 2013

Best New Artiste by NGMA 2013

The Best Indigenous Song (Alternative) NGMA 2013

She has appeared in several corporate events like the DAAR Communications Easter Family Fiesta, R-Wells Media Mothers Day Fiesta. In 2012, She also staged a live concert, an evening of intense worship and African praise night tagged ‘An Evening with Jesus’.

Wt DJ GosporellaBesides her music ministry, Taiwo is also a certified advertising practitioner (ARPA) & media consultant with Media Perspectives Ltd, a leading media independent agency and part of the Troyka Holdings, the foremost Integrated Marketing Communications outfit in Nigeria.

Taiwo is fuelled by her passion to inspire men and women into an unhindered, lifestyle of personal worship to God.

This she strongly believes is the whole essence of man, and hopes to achieve through her music.


Wt Darling TemiShe is currently working on her sophomore double-album, as well as more videos from her debut album.

Her discography include :

1) Lovey Lovey Single…… 2015

2) Mukulumuke Single…… 2014

3) Ololufe Single ……………2014

4) I will not forget single…. 2014

5) My Mother Single…….. 2013

MEGA 2014 Best Afro-pop single6) Shake Up The Heaven Album…. 2012


Website:  http://www.taiwooladoye.com/

Wikipedia: bit.ly/1Cx1d5X

Instagram: http://bit.ly/TOladoyeInsta

Twitter: http://bit.ly/1F4zVUo

Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1EhNq5y

No Be Me Na God // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  1. No Be Me Na God // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  2. Big, Strong And Mighty // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  3. No Be Me Na God Instrumentals // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  4. Shake Up The Heaven // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  5. As I Sing // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven
  6. Oruko Re Ti Niyin To // Taiwo Oladoye - Album : Shake Up The Heaven